Light and Sensibility

When I began writing about this project I was torn regarding how I should categorize it. As you know, I like to write about the influence on design, whether it be a fashion influence, influenced by nature or influenced by travel. Ultimately, given the location of this original mid-century modern home in West Vancouver’s British Properties the design was greatly influenced by it’s natural surroundings. However, the modern style of the home would also influence the design as would the client’s personal desire to introduce a touch of understated elegance to the space. The original ensuite was a small dark space.  While breathtakingly beautiful, the tall trees of the North Shore Mountains often make for dreary interior spaces so increasing the level of light in this master ensuite was absolutely essential.

A neutral palette was selected to emphasize the modern, airy and bright aspect of the new space. A floating vanity contributes even further to this airy feeling. Textured laminate was chosen as the material for the vanity due to it’s cost-saving element as well as it’s durability. It is the perfect material for a busy family environment as it is heavy-duty and easy to wipe down. A combination of drawers and cupboards provides plenty of storage and helped keep costs under control in the production of a semi-custom vanity. A surface-mount Ikea medicine cabinet with overhead light complemented the contemporary mood as well as provided a budget-conscious option.

 ” A combination of high and low price-points allows one to pick & choose the items that will have the greatest design impact. Wall mount faucets, customized floating shelves and quartz counters are important design elements with high visual impact. The Ikea medicine cabinet with vanity light, well-priced porcelain tile and using laminate as a vanity material are all cost-saving options which when married with more designery elements result in the perfect balance.”


So where does the fashion-influence part of this design come in you ask? Well like a classic Calvin Klein design, the lines are clean and simple and the colour palette is neutral and timeless. You can add any accessory and the space will always look great.






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