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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Deck the mantel in holiday style
It’s time to dress your home in its holiday best.

For a twist on the traditional, we asked Teresa Cain of Interior Solutions Design Group to decorate the fireplace for us, and she sketched a plan for two: one with a mantel and one without.

The clean, contemporary design for the home without a mantel focuses largely on scale, simplicity and texture. Hanging a mass of large-scaled orbs at varying heights creates visual impact. In this case, Cain used odd numbers and layered the collection. The orbs are hung on glittery silver ribbon, which sparkles beneath the accent lights over the fireplace as well as from the warm glow of the fire. In this instance she kept the colours neutral, working in earthy tones of cream, beige and charcoal, but this design could have been equally successful using black, red, hot pink or teal.

create visual interest at the base of the fireplace, small plump Spruce trees from Whole Foods were placed in large, contemporary containers, then trimmed with lots of lights. Be sure to pack your lights deep into the tree rather than just wrapping them along the outer branches. This creates depth and draws the eye in. The combination of textures in the design also makes for pleasing visual interest. The orbs have a satin finish beneath a textured velvet-like vine pattern; the prickly nature of the trees contrasts with the smooth aluminum of the planters.Designs that focus on scale, simplicity and texture will work for fireplaces with and without a mantel.

The orbs and containers are available at 18 Karat (3039 Granville St). The orbs are mounted from the ceiling using a 3M product called “Command.” Pay careful attention to the instructions and they will come off without any surface damage to your ceiling.

For more information, or to Contact Interior Solutions about Christmas decorating services, visit www or call 604-922-8311.

— Deana Lancaster
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