Three Kids & Two Dogs – A West Vancouver Tudor Home Gets A Contemporary Facelift

The original Tudor-style home with it’s small rooms was far too traditional and disjointed for this busy family’s taste and lifestyle. Walls were removed, layers of LED lighting were incorporated in to a neutral palette and fabulous textures were introduced to create a bright, contemporary, open-concept, family-friendly environment for entertaining, living and chilling.  
This nature-inspired family home nestled in to the mountains of West Vancouver, BC represents the perfect oasis for an active family of 5 plus 2 dogs. The calming mood is achieved through simplistic clean lines combined with fantastic textures. Furniture is arranged in groupings with plenty of open space around each grouping. A neutral palette and an emphasis on texture throughout keeps the open-concept space warm and inviting.
Makers-made wood stools double as small tables or seats and wood and resin stump tables by MTH Woodworks are whimsical and functional works of art. A fabulous area rug by Zoe Luyendijk provides a neutral yet elegant backdrop in the living room. These functional works of art are investment pieces that will be cherished for many years to come.


Design should never take itself too seriously. This project is a perfect example of this as we had great fun injecting custom-coloured lacquer vanities in to the kid’s bathrooms along with interesting accessories such as the framed kid’s art installed in the upper hall. Every member of the family was involved in the design process. Involving the children in the design of their personal space encourages creativity and inspires confidence.
I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this project. This renovation is a true representation of the family that lives within it’s walls and the making of this house into a real “home”.


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