Kick Off Your Shoes & Stay Awhile – A West Vancouver Condo Reno Provides The Backdrop For An Eclectic Group of Collections

This West Vancouver condo reno was inspired by a mid-Century modern teak dining table as well as collections of pottery, woven vessels and art which the clients had collected over the years. These empty-nesters were downsizing from a large family home into a condo that was considerably smaller, older and had not been renovated since the ‘80’s. Our design challenge was to edit furniture & collectables to fit the new space while ensuring many of the items so dear to our clients were included and mixed in such a way that the space did not feel cluttered.

Ultimately all of the original furniture was replaced with the exception of a teak dining table which became the inspiration for the style & mood of the new space. A storied pine chest with great sentimental value was also upcycled. Art was organized and framed by mood & colour as opposed to artist and specific style. It was then hung in groupings on specific walls as opposed to being hung randomly throughout the space. A faceted metal stool and gold sphere were placed by the antique pine chest for a juxtaposition of texture and time. With a neutral palette in place we could showcase the various textures, colours and genres of art and pottery in a variety of ways throughout the space. Juxtaposing older items with new furniture elevated the collections in a fresh new way. Keeping the design streamlined and simple gave us the neutral backdrop we needed for showcasing sentimental collections.

This style story was most certainly inspired by a mid-century modern aesthetic but is far from genre-specific with it’s eclectic collections and juxtapositions.

Photography by Barry Calhoun


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